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Contact: Johannes Köring

Dipl.-Ing. (TH)
Johannes Köring
Bahnstrasse 3 B
47551 Bedburg-Hau (NRW)

Fax: +49-3212-1235552
Cell-Nr (Germany):
Cell-No (South Africa)
Radio Callsign:


Presently in South Africa: +27-82-4306737

You are welcome to add our live webcam to your webpage.

You are welcome and have permission to copy and paste the following code into your own website to display our live Cape Town Webcam on your own webpage. This would enable you to show your visitors the present weather in Cape Town. The condition is to leave the sponsored link under the image unchanged. You can adapt the size of the webcam image by adapting width = "xxx" and height = "yyy" to your requirements. Should you have any questions or need assistance you are welcome to contact us.


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