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kalk bay brass bell webcam location

The two live webcams are located at the Brass Bell restaurant and offer an eastward view of the tide pool and a northward view of the surf beach. This live stream is for surfers to watch the conditions on the reef. However, you can also see the passing trains and traffic on the main road. To the right of the tidal swimming pool is Kalk Bay Harbor and you can see the fishing boats coming and going. The Brass Bell restaurant is accessible through an underpass under the rail line and it's a wonderful place to sit right on the water and have a delicious meal. The cameras run reliably and have clean lenses, which is not a matter of course so close to the sea. Should this streaming webcam be out of date, please check on Youtube if the webcam has a new address.

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Brass Bell in Kalk Bay @12h

Kalk Bay Brass Bell 12h
Kalk Bay Brass Bell Surf Reef Typical daylight image at around 12:00h